The Game-Changer in Learning

Our games are designed to tap into key human drivers that provoke action and enable change. They leverage the drivers of ownership, empowerment, accomplishment and social influence. It is no surprise then that organizations we work with find that their employees play our games more than once, voluntarily.


Completion Rate
Our games have higher completion rates compared to existing online courses. On LMSs, our games have the highest rate of adoption.
Replay Rate
Employees voluntarily play our games more than once to better their gameplay results, leading to effective learning
Applicability Rate
Employees have reported high understanding and applicability of concepts captured in our games in everyday business functioning

Horizon V helped the ABG employees learn effectively. It is an engaging game - loved the game design, the scenarios one experiences as part of the gameplay. All in all, once you start, you just can't leave it in between. You will finish it, it's very engrossing.

Padma Rajeswari Nandi
Group Head,Organization Effectiveness
Aditya Birla Group

We partnered with Talent Litmus to develop Spacechase to reinforce our organisation’s values. The game turned out to be a great success and delivered the value it promised. The Talent Litmus team is passionate and driven.

Sushmita Roy
Network Head, OD- Learning & Talent Management
Sony Pictures Network India


Competency & Values Learning

We build games to reinforce organisational values and relevant competencies needed to drive business success. Game themes and narratives are tailored to the organisation’s unique audience and learning need

Gamified process & knowledge training

Games capture the attention of the player. They actively engage with the interface and gain feedback from their gameplay, enhancing grasp and retention. Information gathered through gameplay is proven to be grasped better and retained for longer.

Sales Training and Enablement

Gamification in sales enables collaboration among a remote sales force. It promotes healthy competition and recognizes performers. Gamification in sales can be the key to unlock business potential exponentially.

On-boarding & Orientation

On-boarding & Orientation While new recruits share their excitement to be a part of organizations on Instagram and Twitter, their organsiations welcome them with PowerPoint Presentations and extensive documentation. Introduce your organization to new recruits for effective learning using our on-boarding game and make a lasting impression.



Gamification elements are integrated to drive engagement - badges, leaderboards, level progressions, and quests

LMS Integration

Our games integrate seamlessly into all SCORM-based LMSs


Our games can be accessed through mobile, laptop and desktop devices

Detailed Analytics

Game dashboards give an overview of performance at the individual and organisation level


Immersive gameplay environments capture the attention of the player leading to higher adoption and retention

Immediate Feedback

There are multiple layers of feedback built into into our games to facilitate learning