Campus Recruitment Case Study — Ashok Leyland

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Meet Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland is a leading automotive manufacturer in the global market with roots based in India. Founded in 1948, the organisation has since then revolutionised the Indian vehicle market with innovative solutions and now has a presence across the globe. Ashok Leyland has always promoted an engaging work culture with the correct balance, and as a result, it was awarded the AON Best Employers for India award.

With offices spreading throughout the nation, the organisation is constantly looking to hire talent with strong analytical thinking and communication skills who possess the drive to build a robust and long-lasting career with them.

The Requirement

Ashok Leyland’s human resource department has constantly been pushing the envelope when it comes to its recruitment strategies. In their campus recruitment drives, the organisation is always flooded with applications. While this helps the organisation hire the best talent, the overwhelming response sometimes leads to logistical difficulties.

Even though the recruiting managers had a clear framework to guide their recruitment decisions, the organisation was looking to explore innovative tech-based solutions that could strengthen their ability to identify the best talent in their campus recruitment drives. The goal was to strengthen the recruiters with better decision-making capabilities while keeping the required hiring cost, effort and time minimal.

The Solution

Being committed to creating an efficient and highly productive recruitment pipeline to widen access to opportunities for the best talent, Ashok Leyland decided to partner with Talent Litmus for their campus recruitment drives.

While the original hiring strategy included technical and aptitude assessments, it did not account for interpersonal and behavioural competencies that can be really helpful when finding the ideal candidate for a role. They also wanted to understand candidates from the perspective of their competency framework. Partnering with Talent Litmus, made their campus strategy engaging, data-driven with reports customised to their competency framework. Ashok Leyland could now evaluate the candidates on a far deeper level beyond aptitude and technical evaluations.

The Process

To supplement the hiring process, apart from the technical and aptitude assessments, Nautics - a game-based psychometric assessment was added as an intervention on campus. Nautics is an interactive game-based role-playing assessment that tests the candidate’s cognitive ability, leadership capabilities, personality and attitude. While the candidates received a mobile-based engaging recruitment process, recruiters received a report customised to showcase how closely the candidates matched their competency framework. The novel scoring pattern by Talent Litmus supplemented the recruitment’s team decisions to hire the best talent.

The Result

With data analysed from all campus interventions, the recruitment team could make better hiring decisions with fewer interviews. At the end of the hiring drive, 76% of selected candidates were the ones identified as ‘likely to succeed’ and ‘very likely to succeed’ in the Talent Litmus assessment. This was the most significant predictor, exceeding the technical assessment (66%) and aptitude assessment (54%).


The Feedback

While the recruitment team of Ashok Leyland made better hiring decisions using Nautics, the candidates, too, had a pleasant and engaging interview experience. 97% of candidates stated that they had a good experience playing the game, while 95% of candidates said that Nautics was the most exciting hiring assessment they have taken. A majority of candidates highlighted that the storyline of Nautics was engaging and made them experience the situations very well. This helped supplement the review of the campus selection process of Ashok Leyland, which received an overall 4.3/5 rating.

By partnering with Talent Litmus and using our assessment model, Ashok Leyland created a more engaging, compelling and data-driven recruitment strategy that not only helped them choose from the best but also reinforced their employer brand.

From The Client’s Desk

“We decided to look at alternatives to the traditional hiring approach and provide candidates with an engaging experience. After a lot of trials, we finally partnered with Talent Litmus who offered a unique game-based cognitive approach. The use of AI in the construction of the tool itself ensured better customization to the organization&aphos; requirements, while candidates found it to be more engaging, less tiresome and perceived to be less time-consuming. Moreover, the tool enabled us to significantly shorten our process time, thus providing more time for a meaningful personal interview with candidates shortlisted through the tool. With Talent Litmus, we were able to ensure a lasting positive engagement with candidates and reinforce our unique employer value proposition.” — Mr.Vivek (AGM - HR, Ashok Leyland)

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