How Gaming Is Helping Organisations Hire The Best

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Even though a large number of organisations have incorporated psychometric assessments in their recruitment strategy, a majority of the existing solutions are tedious and not data-rich. Most talent assessments don’t meet the desired expectations in today’s fast-paced job environment.

To rejuvenate their hiring strategy, many organisations are turning to game-based assessments. As its name suggests, game-based assessments apply gaming to offer a data-driven and candidate-friendly hiring process and a fresh alternative to traditional talent assessments. Game-based assessments are proving to be a more efficient and scalable hiring process for organisations of all shapes, sizes and industries.

What Is Game-Based Assessment?

Game-based assessments use gaming tech to assist employers in their recruitment strategies. Using gaming instead of traditional tests, these assessments test candidates using real-life problems and experiences over various skill sets. The most common game-based assessments are used to test out cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, creativity, leadership abilities, and much more.

Game-based assessments offer an engaging experience to the candidate and help recruiters make better hiring decisions efficiently.

There are different types of games in game-based assessments, which can be divided into two major categories:

  • Short Games: A single short game that assesses a skill(s) may not require an elaborate approach. For example, you may be asked to select one of two traits that best describe you. This may include how you organise your desk, finish tasks or even the type of work you like to do.

  • Scenario-Based Long Games: A scenario-based game is longer and often evaluates the candidate on a set of skills. These games include different situations where the candidate or the main character has to face some challenges and decide how to handle them. Many of these games are immersive and often include elaborate roleplay through different scenarios.

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Why Companies Are Using Game-Based Assessments

The number of companies using game-based assessments is increasing significantly, majorly due to the evaluation capabilities. A game-based employment test can evaluate multiple skills and traits in just one gaming session, which would traditionally require numerous tests and interview rounds.

To put things into perspective, game-based assessments help in evaluating:

  • Fluid Intelligence: Fluid intelligence involves problem-solving, thinking and reasoning. Many studies have found that video games and gaming directly correlate with fluid intelligence, which can prove to be helpful when working. Moreover, this ability is not dependent on education and learning, making it all the more useful.

  • Memory: Working memory is considered an essential skill, as professional development includes learning and integrating new information with previously acquired knowledge. Forming quick connections between different information sets enhances the ability to apply new and old methods to different situations.

  • Problem-solving: Organisations require problem-solvers — individuals who can identify problems and take a systematic and appropriate approach to solve them. As traditional working methods become obsolete, game-based assessments help identify problem solvers by making them roleplay real-life problems.

  • Personality traits: Situation judgement tests (SJTs) in immersive game environments have demonstrated high validity and authentic responses.

Other key advantages of game-based assessments include:

  • Engaging Hiring Process: It is no secret that most candidates are now tired of taking traditional tests online and answering the same questions repeatedly. Game-based assessments help candidates experience real-world scenarios and create an engaging hiring process. Moreover, game-based assessments do not require any gaming experience, making it an equal opportunity assessment for all.

  • Quick Evaluation: With game-based assessment, you can assess multiple traits and skills in just a matter of minutes, rather than spending hours manually sorting resumes and assessment results.

  • Identify The Right Employees: Game-based assessments not only help you hire talent but also provide an overview of the candidate’s personality, behavioural analysis, leadership capabilities and much more. Therefore, you can effectively use this data to shape the candidate’s future at your company as well, making it useful for more than just hiring.

  • Lasting Brand Impression: In the end, it is all about creating a lasting brand impression on the candidates, irrespective of the employment assessment result. Game-based assessments can put you in front when it comes to a new-age hiring strategy, helping you develop a brand online.


Even though it took some time for technology to venture into the hiring processes, it has now become an integral part of the hiring industry. But as times change, many tech solutions have also become obsolete. However, game-based assessments are a fresh introduction to the industry and seeing the video game penetration across the world, it looks like it is here to stay.

Therefore, it might be time to start thinking about how your organisation can leverage the gaming tech to fuel your recruitment strategy to hire the best talent in a competitive market.

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