Recruiting Remotely — How To Assess The Candidates Virtually

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Recruiting Remotely

As we accustom ourselves to ‘the new normal’, many organisations have shifted to remote working, letting people work from anywhere in the world. This paradigm shift also opens up plenty of opportunities for recruiters looking to hire the best talent and professionals looking to work for the best organisations. All this is easily possible with the help of technology and an effective virtual recruitment strategy.

As virtual recruiting becomes the norm, the search for the right hiring tools is on to stay ahead while looking to hire the best talent. Recruiters are now using new-age assessment solutions to execute the perfect virtual recruitment strategy.

What Is Virtual Recruiting?

Virtual recruiting or virtual recruitment represents a hiring strategy that focuses on hiring remotely without any physical meetings with candidates. As the workforce moved to work remotely due to the pandemic, virtual recruitment too has seen tremendous growth. Instead of face-to-face meetings, recruiters are now using technology to host virtual recruitment events, hiring interviews, and surveys. Moreover, tech-based assessments are also on the rise, which helps recruiters deep dive into the skillset of their candidates without having to rely on traditional testing methods.

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Advantages Of Virtual Recruiting

Besides working virtually, keeping in mind the current public health guidelines, virtual recruiting also offers many other benefits. These include:

Ensuring Business Continuity COVID-19 has changed the way the world works and has shaped the need for virtual recruitment. You can ensure that your business goals do not suffer and all processes run smoothly by hiring remotely.

Reach More People, Easily: As the barriers of face-to-face interviews break with virtual recruitment, borders and time zones have become outdated phenomena for many organisations. Virtual recruitment helps you hire the best talent irrespective of the town, city, state or even country. Moreover, it also helps talent to expand their horizons out of their physical location.

Saves Time And Capital: When you are hiring virtually, you can screen more candidates quickly, saving a lot of time. Many hiring tools and platforms, such as Talent Litmus , also help you execute detailed online assessments in no time, helping you stay ahead in your hiring game.

How Game-Based Assessments Make Your Virtual Recruitment Process Successful

Unlike traditional assessment tests, game-based assessments use games to assess various aspects of candidates through an engaging experience. Using real-life scenarios, recruiters can quickly evaluate the candidates on their cognitive ability, creativity, leadership capabilities and more. Recruiters can use short-style games to assess particular skill(s) or use an elaborate story-based game to provide an immersive experience to evaluate multiple aspects.

Game-based assessments bring forth multiple advantages for recruiters, which include:

Engaging Interviews: Candidates often respond well to novel interview methods that help them put forth their skills. Game-based assessments can provide a tailored and engaging experience for candidates.

Efficient Evaluations: Choosing the right game-based assessment solution can do wonders for your evaluations. You can evaluate a large pool of candidates on various competencies in no time using game-based assessments.

Skill-Focused Assessments: Game-based assessments can help recruiters test candidates on many competencies and find the right candidate for the right job.

As stated above, these assessments can test the candidates on a variety of aspects, some of which include:

  • Fluid Intelligence: When candidates showcase features such as problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking, it is known as fluid intelligence. Most importantly, this skill is independent of learning and education, making it a valuable skill to have.

  • Memory: A suitable candidate has a sharp memory, as they must absorb new information while retaining old knowledge and creating a valuable amalgamation. This helps in problem-solving as you are constantly learning and absorbing knowledge that one can use efficiently.

  • Creativity: Creative solutions are the need of the hour, and these game-based assessments can test the creativity in the candidates by posing a variety of challenges and scenarios.

  • Personality Traits: Game-based assessments can evaluate candidates’ personality traits using various situations in immersive game environments.

Talent Litmus provides game-based assessment solutions for organisations of all shapes and sizes. Evaluate and hire the best candidates for your organisations with our engaging games that offer a seamless evaluation experience.


Virtual recruitment is slowly becoming the norm for organisations of all shapes and sizes, as it helps you transform your recruitment process completely. You can get an inexpensive, faster, and efficient hiring process when you hire virtually and use the right hiring strategy and tools. Virtual hiring is a friendly option for both workers and recruiters, and it might be time for your organisation to shift to a virtual recruitment strategy as well.

Talent Litmus provides game-based solutions to identify the best candidates for your organisation through a variety of assessments. Enable game-based assessments with Talent Litmus and join renowned organisations such as Dabur, Ashok Leyland, HDFC Bank, TVS and Asian Paints.

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